Written Testimonials

RGS Kenya
“The experience of TT is renewing and gives energy. It will increase and strengthen our search, partnership, and consciousness.  TT updates and provides a moment of renewal to us as individuals in the Mission, Charism and Spirit.  It is a big support to a congregation.”

PBVM Queensland Australia
“TT was offered to us at just the right time. Our Congregation is embarking on an outward journey to fulfillment/completion through the Emerging Futures (EFCL) process and TT has nourished our inward journey – our personal transformation.  TT has deepened our connection and relationship with each other. It has provided us with a common language in terms of sharing and reflecting on our spirituality and given us new ways of relating to each other.”

OSU Louisville, KY, USA
“Thresholds of Transformation has been a grace-filled experience for me.  The excellent presentations, rituals, songs and resources in each Pathway followed an insightful progression. As Ritual Leader, the prayer experiences were well planned, followed the theme of the Pathway, and were very meaningful for our group.”

RNDM – New Zealand
“The process of Thresholds of Transformation for us as Leaders, has challenged us in our deep listening, and presence to our world, and the world-story of our community members, in whatever season they are in. Non-judgemental presence has been the call as we engage in conversations that reveal a truth that can hurt, and a longing that can heal. Transformation that begins within me, is worthwhile beyond any budget.  Thresholds for Transformation is invaluable for Leaders in our time.”

PVBM Queensland
“In the role of Group Leader and a Councilor, I feel empowered through the process of TT to offer our Sisters an experience that is honest, authentic, challenging to self and gift. It requires of me time to engage with the process, to adapt the materials to suit our Sisters and at the same time ensure what is offered remains true to the intention of the authors.

Personally, the synchronicity that emerges when the concepts, words, images and experiences used in the TT process with what I read and hear and engage with, is profound.”


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Benedictines, USA
“We had thought provoking conversations which bonded the group. It truly has been a blessing to share with each other across the four Federations.”

“What an amazing amount of wisdom, creativity and knowledge. This is all very deep and powerful. I felt I was on retreat yesterday while I was engaged in this pathway on the spirituality of the heart.”

RNDM – New Zealand
“TT has unveiled yearnings.  It is user friendly, and each Pathway builds on the other.” 

ISMAPNG – Australia
“TT has touched into a longing in community and in each other.  It also attuned us to a larger world.”

“The overall program/materials are wonderful. Feels like I’m just beginning… contemplative and a felt sense of the presence of the Holy One.”

ISMAPNG – Australia
“TT worked even with the geographic spread, age, and capacity.”

“Wow, this pathway sure had a lot to offer and I found it very relevant to what we are experiencing as a congregation at this moment in time as  we move forward in diminishment.  Really wish I could send it to our CLT  and say “watch this” as it reflects a style of leadership we are definitely trying to embrace. And it is one I will want to return to in light of our own journey at this time.”

ISMAPNG – Australia
“Saw changes in trust happening in the group.  Stories are being shared due to the process that were created.” 

ISMAPNG – Australia
“In the beginning there were a lot of technical challenges and an attitude to get through the videos.  They soon agreed to needing more contemplative time.  The members became more confident leading to them speaking and engaging more in the group.”

RGS – Kenya
“Thresholds of Transformation is a powerful tool for getting in touch with self and others.  We are becoming gentler with each other by walking together.” 

RGS – Kenya
“The content is done in a very spiritual way leading me to really get in touch with how connected we all are to everything that moves and breathes leading me to a commitment to seek to be more responsible/productive in the way I co-exist with the rest of life.”

RGS – Kenya
“Being the first gathering, I didn’t know how much time we would need to take.  The more we continued, the more I realized that this journey isn’t a joke, but a real transformation and conversion.  A call for patience.”

“As a ritual leader it has been a gift to experience the richness, the depth of spirituality, the beautiful images of Creation, the music instrumental / songs and the enrichment of the Bridges Resources. 

The process of the personal to the global and to our particular way of life in religious community living took it  to a deeper level. The small group bonding and sharing helped that we do live close to one another.”