Video Testimonials

Maria ~ Asia/Pacific

Thresholds of Transformation has really helped me to deepen my own spirituality… the rituals and experience of Thresholds of Transformation have engaged my mind, touched my heart and fed and nourished my soul. I have found the whole process very enriching and life-giving because it has given me the opportunity to engage with the contemplative aspect of my life. This process has given me a deeper awareness of being one with the whole Universe and this gives me so much life and energy. Thresholds of Transformation is not a program or a course, but rather an experience and I am so excited about that!”

Martha ~ South Africa

Thresholds of Transformation, is a tool for spiritual awakening, leading to the essence of one’s religious calling … it is a holistic tool for transformation, enabling us to see ourselves as part of the whole; creating a sense of oneness with the universe! The moment I experienced Thresholds of Transformation, I felt enlightened and empowered…”

Mary ~ Australia

“I have found Thresholds of Transformation to be gift! The Pathways have been set out and resourced in such a way that they are full of inspiration… they encourage participants to be realistic in their reflection and sharing… My hope is that Thresholds of Transformation will reach a broad spectrum of people, especially those in formation.  It would be a wonderful preparation and or follow up to Chapter…”


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Gringa ~ South America

“Having been part of Thresholds of Transformation I have had a sense of the creative spirit of God within myself, even in my daily life, I am experiencing transformation through God’s love … it has been very powerful; a very enriching experience personally of God’s grace…As an Associate of a Religious Congregation for over 30 years I know that Religious Life is being called to change…through the many charisms we can unite and collaborate in this journey of transformation. I think humanity needs this kind of work.”

Jennifer ~ North America

“The fact that Thresholds of Transformation is created to be done with others, and offers all that is necessary to do so, makes it an ideal process to be used within a community context.  I would encourage any religious who is seeking a way to grow in her understanding of transformation, and longs to do so in community, to find a way to invite others in community to join her in entering into Thresholds of Transformation…”

Winifred ~ Europe

“The rich variety of materials presented in Thresholds of Transformation has both challenged and comforted me on the way… For me, engaging in Thresholds of Transformation has made a difference. Each pathway has been an experience of a threshold, beckoning me to ever deeper levels of exploration into the mystery of my being, the other, the Holy One, the created universe and systems whereby we organize ourselves…”