Collaborators and Donors

The hope and dream of Emmaus Productions is that Thresholds of Transformation contributes to the transformation of our world, for the good of all people and Earth. We unite with all people of good will in embracing the prophetic call of Laudato Si in creating a new world order through integral ecology.

We are grateful to our International Review Team and our Pilot Study Congregations from across the world, who generously gave their time, expertise, and personal wisdom in contributing to this dream.   

We want to formally acknowledge our financial donors and thank them for their willingness to collaborate with us in contributing to a new world order by making Thresholds of Transformation possible.

We gratefully acknowledge:

  • Adrian Dominicans, USA
  • Little Company of Mary, USA
  • Presentation Sisters Union, Ireland
  • Presentation Sisters, Western Australia
  • Presentation Sisters, Queensland, Australia
  • Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, Canada
  • Sisters of Mercy, North Sydney, Australia
  • Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, New Zealand/Samoa Province
  • Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Michigan, USA
  • Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, KY, USA

If you would like to be a part of this collaborative endeavor, we invite you to consider donating for one of the following:

  • Contributing to scholarships for Congregations in need of financial support.
  • Providing financial support for translations into multiple languages.
  • Creating special editions of TT for governing boards of not-for-profit organization, and for individual seekers.

For further information about donating to Thresholds of Transformation, please Contact Us.

We acknowledge with deep gratitude our International Review Team:

  • Mary Conkey, SGS, Australia
  • Therese Culhane, RSC, Ireland
  • Maria Dipal, RGS, Asia Pacific
  • Winifred Doherty, RGS, Ireland
  • Carmel Duffy, Australia
  • Michael Dyer, Pastor, Milton Parish, NSW, AU
  • Jennifer Horner, OSB, USA
  • Geraldine Kearney, SGS, Australia
  • Sandra Lupi, RSM, Australia
  • Madeleine Meagher, RSC, Ireland
  • Shelia Murphy, RGS, Ireland
  • Anthony O’Connor, Pastor, Sydney, NS. Canada
  • Joan O’Connor, RSC, Ireland
  • Gringa Orbegoso, Peru
  • Shirley O’Sullivan, RGS, Ireland
  • Margaret Silf, Scotland
  • Martha Thurnira, RGS, South Africa
  • Mary Tomaino, Australia
  • Phyllis Woolley, Alberta, CA

We are deeply grateful to all the representatives from the following Congregations who participated in our TT Pilot Study:

  • Benedictine Sisters from the Four Benedictine Federations, USA
  • Congregation of Sisters of St. Joseph, Canada
  • Presentation Sisters of Queensland,  Australia
  • Sisters of Mercy, Australia and Papua New Guinea
  • Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, Kenya
  • Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions, New Zealand
  • Ursuline Sisters of Louisville, Kentucky USA