Frequently Asked Questions

What is Thresholds of Transformation?

Thresholds of Transformation is an online multi-disciplined transformative change process. It offers an intentional way of exploring personal, communal, and systemic transformation through the lens of the Universe Story, Laudato Si and our Christian story.

What does Thresholds of Transformation consist of?

Thresholds of Transformation consists of ten communal gatherings, each of which engages participants in a contemplative process of video presentations, accompanied by beautiful imagery and music, integrating personal and group reflection, conversation, prayer, and ritual.

The topics for each Gathering are:

  1. Welcome and Orientation
  2. The Mysteries of Our Universe
  3. A Spirituality of the Heart
  4. A Spirituality of Vulnerability
  5. The Transformative Gifts of Our Universe – Part One: Holons
  6. The Transformative Gifts of Our Universe – Part Two: Morphic Resonance
  7. Transformation of the Collective Soul – Part One
  8. Transformation of the Collective Soul – Part Two
  9. Systemic Transformation: A Non-Dualistic Way of Leading
  10. Weaving the Threads Together

Can Thresholds of Transformation be done individually?

Thresholds of Transformation is not designed for individual use. It is a communal endeavor that supports personal reflection and process, as well as in-depth communal reflection, conversation, and ritual.

What outcomes might be expected from participating in Thresholds of Transformation?

  • A deeper appreciation of God as the mystery and source of all life.
  • A renewed appreciation of our interconnectedness and interdependence with all of life.
  • Personal and communal awakening, insight, and growth.
  • The deepening and strengthening of personal and communal relationships.
  • The joy and fulfilment of being a part of a global sisterhood that is intentionally committed to fostering a just and equitable world based on integral ecology.

What is the time commitment?

Inner transformation and engaging in deep contemplative dialogue takes time. In light of this, Thresholds of Transformation is designed as a twelve-month transformative experience.

Each Gathering is a minimum of three to four hours in length to allow for presentation, reflection, dialogue, and ritual, with additional time for social bonding and hospitality as desired.

What type of preparation and follow-up is expected for each Gatherings?

Thresholds of Transformation is not a workshop or training session. It is a transformative experience that transpires over time. 

There is no preparation required for participants, and there are no requirements between sessions; however, wonderful bridging resources are provided for people who want to probe the content at a deeper level. 

Leaders are provided with a guidebook, training by Zoom, and the resources needed to support each session, so their preparation time is minimal.

How do I access Thresholds of Transformation?

Thresholds of Transformation is designed to be a communal endeavor; therefore, a Congregation purchases a twelve-month subscription. Thresholds of Transformation is best used when participants can gather in person; however, it can also be done via Zoom.

When does Thresholds of Transformation start?

Upon purchasing a subscription for using Thresholds of Transformation, the Congregation determines its own start time and its own schedule for use within a twelve-month period.

What does it cost?

The fee is based on the number of participants within the Congregation accessing Thresholds of Transformation.

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